Anderson Children's Foundation

Character Building and Counseling (2014-2015)

Vista del Monte aims to provide counseling services, helping students develop self-esteem and face their personal issues. 86% of VDM’s student body comes from impoverished families, and many have to cope with anger and grief, dysfunctional home lives and poor self-discipline; all problems derived from a lack of self-esteem. Counseling programs help to decrease bullying, fix poor character behaviors, and improve morale campus-wide.

A counselor from Jewish Family Services, or another outside source, will provide group or personal sessions with students once a week. Vista del Monte will also host educational one-hour assemblies. John Abrams, an actor who specializes in programming for children, will host three assemblies: Random Acts of Character, The Bully Game, and the Animal Magic Show. Each assembly serves a unique and specific purpose. From there, the counselor will connect messages from the assemblies with the students he or she helps in sessions.

Students will receive incentive awards for good citizenship, with prizes such as special buttons and t-shirts. As a whole, this program will decrease bullying on campus and promote positive character traits, creating a safer school environment and helping students succeed in life.