Anderson Children's Foundation

Counseling (2018-2019, 2014-2015)

Our priority is to provide effective on site counseling services to our students. The focus of this grant is to expand the counseling program services we currently have at Rio Vista Elementary School. Our students have greatly benefited emotionally from this service. With this grant, students who are receiving counseling will receive more individualized weekly counseling and help. The counseling services provided by this grant will help give students foundational strategies to have a successful and happy life.

The money granted to Rio Vista Elementary will be used to support the mental health services of the school. The grant funds will now double the current services from Jewish Family Services of one day a week to two days a week. There were 35 students referred for mental health services during the 2017-2018 school year. With the assistance of ACF we will be able to service 10% of the students in need compared to 5%.

Students serviced are those who need help with poor impulse control, self-regulation, anger management and need for conflict resolution. Often times students need support because they are not feeling successful at school, or have worries about problems at home.

In order for students to grow and find success in school they must be mindful of how to deal with stress and have strategies that help them cope. Increased mental health services are crucial for our student's success. We are very thankful for the support of ACF to add additional time with JFS.