Anderson Children's Foundation

Fostering Futures: Supporting Youth Transitions into Adulthood (2014-2015)

Most young people make the transition from adolescence into adulthood with the support of their families, communities, and schools. However, a portion of our community’s most vulnerable youth, those aging out of foster care, lack the services and social supports they need to succeed as productive workers, responsible parents, and engaged citizens. “Aging out” of foster care without a permanent home can be devastating to the future of foster youths.

CASA serves 24% of the Coachella Valley’s foster children. Its Fostering Futures program, in which volunteers are trained to effectively serve these youths, is a curriculum that can eventually be incorporated into CASA’s required pre-service training. Volunteers teach children practical skills, culminating in a “Life Skills Assessment” with three parts: work and study skills, self-care, and social support. Through this process, volunteers empower young people to achieve their own goals through purposeful planning and positive decision-making.