Anderson Children's Foundation

Coachella Valley History Museum

Junior Historian Program (2022-2023, 2017-2018, 2015-2016, 2014-2015)

The innovative Junior Historian After-school Program is fueled by boots-on-the-ground outdoor experiences that engage students, provide personal connections to the community, and deliver a high-quality learning environment. Housed on the historic campus of the Coachella Valley History Museum, students investigate the 1926 adobe home of Dr. Harry Smiley; experience life in a 1909 one-room schoolhouse; and explore the outdoor natural environment, blacksmith shop, desert submarine, antique farming equipment, date museum, and more!

The Jr. Historians Program immerses children in on-site historic exploration activities while providing hands-on project-based lessons, old-fashioned games, and a nutritional snack in a safe learning environment. In contrast to the use of textbooks and the “virtual world of technology,” we offer “boots on the ground” experiences for young children to explore the rich historical resources of the Coachella Valley History Museum.

The Coachella Valley History Museum has many reasons to offer programs catering to children. The study of history builds critical thinking skills for students as they read, analyze, interpret, and support judgments with evidence. These thinking skills are critical tools for citizens in our democratic system. Our mix of cross-grade levels is healthy as students learn from each other and develop respect, patience, and a new depth of knowledge because of the diverse multi-age group of students.