Anderson Children's Foundation

Summer Camp (2017-2018, 2014-2015, 2013-2014)

Camp of Champions serves school-aged youth within the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities. At the heart of the mission of Camp of Champions is the desire to encourage youth to establish and attain healthy goals, to engage in activity and athletics, and to encourage key core values in youth. It is the goal of Camp of Champions to encourage students to improve their school attendance, grades, and academic acumen; improve their health through physical activity; and realize life skills such as accountability, responsibility, and perseverance. 

The Camp of Champions program works on four levels:

  1. It incentivizes the improved behavior and academic performance of students;
  2. It assists educators to keep students in class and on track to meet their scholastic goals;
  3. It supplements Coachella Valley schools' physical education programs and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for youth; and
  4. It creates opportunities for physical engagement for elementary to high school-aged youth.

Camp of Champions meets these objectives through its school-based and community-based programs. Since 2008, Camp of Champions has worked in partnership with educators by providing elementary and middle schools a powerful and free program of incentive and reward that features a multi-sport clinic with a fun, carnival atmosphere. Camp of Champions’ community-based initiatives include skate and hockey programs, sports combine clinics, and partnership with local charities that service disabled children, promoting activity in this very special sector of youth. Camp of Champions is dedicated to ensuring that today’s youth become tomorrow’s champions.